Monday, May 4, 2009

Dirk - May 2009

Dirk was a mouse of a man in his youth.
Now he is buff, burly and a big hit with the ladies.

Please tell us who you think "Dirk" is. Hmmm....

What are his hobbies, the name of his first girlfriend, his favorite saying or food? Let your imagination take over and let the party begin.

Your comment will be your entry to WIN THIS BRACELET to show off to your friends!

One winner will be chosen at random every month to receive a bracelet with the featured name. Also join our Incognito Joe Newsletter at for another chance to win.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to the Incognito Joe Blog

Welcome to the Incognito Joe "Name of the Month" Blog where we will be featuring a great "old" name each month. Please come back often and share something from your imagination about the person whose name was once proudly worn on their work uniform.

Two winners will be chosen, at random, each month, to receive a free Drink Bracelet with the featured name. One winner will be from those who comment. The second winner will be from those new subscribers to the Incognito Joe Newsletter.